Life Sciences Supermind Report

The Life Sciences Supermind

How do we identify and apply the learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic to reimagine the institutions, processes, policies and tools we use across the life sciences to address global health needs for all?

Following their 2020 pandemic response exercise, the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, Community Biotechnology Initiative at MIT Media Lab and MilliporeSigma convened more than 200 experts and global leaders in science, healthcare, public policy and other sectors to address that challenge. The resulting body of work represents 18 months of global collaboration and expert synthesis, identifying key finds to accelerate the pace of innovation and build health resilience – all published here in a comprehensive report. 

Technical chapters:

New modes of global collaboration across disciplines, cultural behaviors, community engagement and storytelling can positively impact our social responsibility, improving access to health. Read more about the actionable themes.

The Supermind reimagines talent development and deployment, novel organizational structures and how to define and prioritize the right problems to solve. Read more about pathways to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery.

The Supermind shares strategies to utilize circular manufacturing frameworks, stockpile for emergency response, empower community organizations and organize distributed networks of critical facilities. Read more about proposals to create agile and decentralized supply chains.
The Supermind explores solutions related to big data and AI, RNA-based therapies and technologies and bioengineered therapies. Read more methods to streamline the development of novel therapies.
The Supermind proposes advance warning systems for infectious disease, new technologies for transmission control, and approaches to test, trace and quarantine. Read more about the potential for a new field of public health technology.

The Supermind outlines methods to connect to the public through storytelling, build trust with communities, verify information and foster scientific literacy. Read more about tactics to understand the role of behavior and battle infodemics.

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