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MilliporeSigma is collaborating with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Collective Intelligence and Community Biotechnology Initiative to crowdsource expertise and answers in crucial areas for pandemic response. Here, find the latest media assets and content from events, reports and ongoing initiatives.

The Pandemic Response CoLab: An open platform for scientists around the world to join in the fight against COVID-19.

The Pandemic Response Supermind Activation: A three-week intensive exercise to address key challenges in pandemic response.

Mask Innovations for Virus Transmission Control

Advances in face mask technology like color changing N95s and novel surface coatings could improve the efficacy and accessibility of these tools. Head of bioprocessing R&D, David Beattie joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s David Sun Kong, and McGovern Institute’s Jill Crittenden for a virtual discussion.

Harnessing Data, Diligence and Collective Intelligence

Monitoring viral spread, accelerating clinical trials and delivering health equity are essential to a strong pandemic response. CEO Udit Batra and head of the Life Science Innovation Board Patrick Schneider joined Boston Medical Center’s Kate Walsh, Genpact’s Gianni Giacomelli and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s David Sun Kong for a virtual discussion on the most promising ideas, crowdsourced from 180 experts around the world, to combat COVID-19.

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