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MilliporeSigma is collaborating with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Collective Intelligence and Community Biotechnology Initiative to crowdsource expertise and answers in crucial areas for pandemic response. Here, find the latest media assets and content from events, reports and ongoing initiatives.

The Pandemic Response CoLab: An open platform for scientists around the world to join in the fight against COVID-19.

The Pandemic Response Supermind Activation: An intensive exercise to address key challenges in pandemic response.

Mask Innovations for Virus Transmission Control

Advances in face mask technology, like color-changing N95s and novel surface coatings, could improve the efficacy and accessibility of these tools. Head of bioprocessing R&D David Beattie joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s David Sun Kong and McGovern Institute’s Jill Crittenden for a virtual discussion.

Harnessing Data, Diligence and Collective Intelligence

Monitoring viral spread, accelerating clinical trials and delivering health equity are essential to a strong pandemic response. Former CEO Udit Batra and head of the Life Science Innovation Board Patrick Schneider joined Boston Medical Center’s Kate Walsh, Genpact’s Gianni Giacomelli and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s David Sun Kong for a virtual discussion on the most promising ideas, crowdsourced from 180 experts around the world, to combat COVID-19.

Innovations in Diagnostics and Detection on the Road to Re-densification

Early detection of COVID-19 can enable the world’s gradual return to regular activity. Head of Diagnostic Solutions Yves Dubaquie joined Sonde Health’s Jim Harper, Biobot Analytics’ Mariana Matus and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s David Sun Kong for a virtual discussion on testing options and developing technologies, like vocal biomarkers and sewage monitoring, that can track viral spread.

Vaccines and Therapies and the Need for Speed

The world is investing in rapid development of vaccines and therapies for COVID-19. Head of chemistry R&D Jehangir Mistry and head of process solutions services R&D Audrey Chang join independent consultant David Onions, Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute’s Jared Silverman and messagingLab’s Karl Schmieder for a virtual discussion on safe, effective strategies – like open science, unified standards and new testing methods – to accelerate clinical trials. 

Validating and Sharing Scientific Information

As understanding of COVID-19 evolves, strategies to validate and communicate the latest scientific insights can help the public determine fact from fiction. Head of global communications & business markets/services Renee Connolly joins Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s Vin Gupta, MIT Press’s Nick Lindsay and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s David Sun Kong for a virtual discussion on how the role of pre-prints, data and more can help cut through the clutter and promote cohesion to combat the pandemic.

Lessons Learned on the Road to Pandemic Preparedness

How can the global scientific community help society find its way out of the current pandemic and emerge more resourceful for future public health crises? Interim CEO Chris Ross hosts as chair of the Life Science Innovation Board Patrick Schneider joins former U.S. Assistant Surgeon General and MIT Media Lab visiting professor Rear Admiral Susan J. Blumenthal, Harvard University’s Pardis Sabeti and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security’s Amesh Adalja for a virtual discussion on lessons learned from COVID-19 and progress made to better prepare our public health systems, accelerate the scientific process and guide positive group behaviors for future pandemics.

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