Disease Biomarker Explorer

The Disease Biomarker Explorer integrates mainly three features: the network diagram, detailed view, and pathways.

The network diagram can be modulated by the score drop down menu that is a measure for the number of scientific literatures. Note that the number of scientific literatures for each gene/protein defines the bubble size in relative to the others. For example, a higher score excludes genes/proteins associated with COVID that have been mentioned less in literatures. By selecting one bubble of a gene/protein, the detailed view (right panel) shows information related to the selected gene/protein: the name, summary, protein class, involved pathways and scientific literatures in the context of COVID. All these information are easy access to their respective UniProtKB database and Pubmed literatures. Pathway was integrated within this tool to allow the user to select the intended pathway to explore.

For better experience, please use Chrome. Thanks!